After a very intense graduation period of 4 deadlines. I finished my graduation project with my graduation presentation on 26 june 2017. A few days later I received the exiting news that I was graduated! With very good feedback I am now officially Master of Science.

“Fabienne is an incredibly independent designer, who knows what she is after and what she needs to realise her vision. She engages experts, stakeholders and clients in her process and is sensitive to their needs and stakes. She is able to stand her ground within an uncertain, conflicting environment- in a highly professional and genuine way, making her a pleasure to work with for any client. She plays into the dynamics of the context and adapts to new information without jeopardising the progress of the project. Fabienne tunes in to opportunities where she design for special moments and experiences, from A-Z. And when the project gives her lemons, you can always be confident that she will turn them into the best tasting lemonade!” – Joep Frens, Philémonne Jaasma and Jacques Terken about my graduation.

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