At the Dutch Design Week

Bit of Energy

In the summer of 2016 I participated in the Tsinghua-Santander World Challenge together with Charlotte van der Sommen, Veerle Wijshof and Jochem Franse. For this competition we designed an education toolkit: Bit of Energy.

Bit of energy is an educational tool for children that want to know more about in house energy consumption. It teaches children what energy is, how much energy our home appliances use, and what the consequences of this usage are. By creating these understandings, Bit of Energy makes not the parent, but the children the leaders and experts when it comes to energy use and reduction in your home environment.

With this concept we’ve won the Tsinghua-Santander World challenge and with the competition’s price my fellow team members decided to continue the development of Bit of Energy through the Smart design to Market program. I decided to shift my focus to other projects, since I value strategy and service design more than market development.

During this Dutch Design Week Bit of Energy presented their results so far. Bit of Energy started a collaboration with a game-design company to develop a storytelling application. Furthermore Bit of Energy was able to develop the measurement technology together with Blue engineering.

I am proud to see that Bit of Energy had gotten so far and I wish the team all the best in the future! Maybe we could even collaborate again when services need to be designed for the tool.

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