Paper announcement

Mobile Curation Methods

During my education design research and academic documentation of this research played an important role. I am therefore happy to announce that one of my studies got accepted at the ACE’17 conference! This achievement means that an academic committee considered our research scientifically valuable.

The paper is a rather small one, since it only came from an elective, which means we only had 8 weeks time. The paper discusses a study into different curation methods people have to organize their photos and how these curation methods are experienced. These insights could be used to improve future photo & document organization applications on mobile phones and other interactive tool.

ACE'17 Conference

The paper is the collaborative work of Xenia Zürn, Koen Damen and me, under the supervision and support of Mendel Broekhuijsen and Panos Markopoulos. Xenia is going to present the paper at the ACE conference in London on 14-16 December 2017.

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