An Amazing Challenge for Design2Gather

Graphical Design

On a self-employed base I am exploring the career opportunities of a freelance designer. This freedom allows me to probe and develop several design skills I would not necessarily consider as a full-time career, yet contribute to my proficiency as designer.

One of these skills is graphical design, although I don’t want to be considered a visual or graphical designer. I do have a sufficient skillset to create creative and appealing visuals. Certainly my Illustrator and Lightroom (Adobe CC) skills are to such a level I can explore different concepts.

These skills were further developed with an assignment for Design2Gather. To research, design and make a big set of graphical designs for a large store client.

I greatly enjoyed this assignment, although I missed a true innovative exploration due to time-constraints. This assignment gave me more confidence my visual design skills are sufficient to support my innovation design processes.

These designs are in ownership of the the designer. The designs are not allowed to be copied under any circumstances.

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