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  • Graphical Design

    On a self-employed base I am exploring the career opportunities of a freelance designer. This freedom allows me to probe and develop several design skills I would not necessarily consider as a full-time career, yet contribute to my proficiency as designer.

    One of these skills is graphical design, although I don’t want to be considered a…

  • Paper Announcement – Mobile Curation

    During my education design research and academic documentation of this research played an important role. I am therefore happy to announce that one of my studies got accepted at the ACE’17 conference! This achievement means that an academic committee considered our research scientifically valuable.

    The paper is a rather small one, since it only came from…

  • Neighborhood Conversations

    How to get a neighborhood to participate locally? Invest in projects together and create a clear plan on how to do so?

    To guide these conversations the local Municipality of Eindhoven asked social designers Tove Elfferich and Fiona Jongejans to create interventions or host sessions. I was asked by Tove and Fiona to support a session…

  • Officially: Master of Science

    With my graduation ceremony in Oktober I am now officially Master of Science in Industrial Design.

    This would all not have been possible without my amazing coach Philemonne! She was an amazing coach, being both critical and supportive. Over the past you’ve grown into a valuable friend and I will never forget the impact you made…

  • Bit of Energy at the DDW

    In the summer of 2016 I participated in the Tsinghua-Santander World Challenge together with Charlotte van der Sommen, Veerle Wijshof and Jochem Franse. For this competition we designed an education toolkit: Bit of Energy.

    Bit of energy is an educational tool for children that want to know more about in house energy consumption. It teaches children…

  • Ready to Apply

    With this portfolio and my resume being updated I am officially ready to apply. I will start looking for permanent vacancies and freelance jobs. Suggestions are very welcome. Both nationally (NL) as internationally (USA, CA, AUS, etc.). Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • Graduated!

    After a very intense graduation period of 4 deadlines. I finished my graduation project with my graduation presentation on 26 june 2017. A few days later I received the exiting news that I was graduated! With very good feedback I am now officially Master of Science.”Fabienne is an incredibly independent designer, who knows what she…