Orchestra of Senses

Instruments to Trigger Appetite through the Senses of Cooking for Dementia Patients

Design for the future homes for dementia patients. A very open case in which we decided to focus on food and appetite. Key to this design process was the focus on experience. The final concept was only based on cooking experience and translating these into tools for dementia patients. This method serves innovative perspectives to a very complex challenge. The design can be used to research new opportunities to design for dementia.

The orchestra of senses is a set of instruments that involves the olfactible (smell), tangible (touch), visible (sight) and auditory (hear) senses. The objects are designed to resemble the cooking senses and is intended to raise the appetite of dementia patients living in care homes. This is relevant because, by taking away the process of cooking, dementia patients tend to lose their appetite and forget to eat.

While prototyping the material qualities and overall aesthetics in interaction were considered continuously.

With very efficient teamwork we were able to go from first design mission to final design and prototypes in just two days.


Elective - Design for Social Innovation


Wouter van der Wal, Fabienne van Leiden, Manon Barendse, Martijn Lammers & Anqi Li


2016 - 2017 | 10 months | M2.1. - M2.2.