Teh Lampu

Room for Imagination in a Mundane Experience

Teh Lampu invites it’s user to create a shadow-play of tea-leaves on the outside of the drinking cup. This is done with a light attached on the stirring stick. The shadow-play on the glass creates room for imagination or expression. With this we hoped to bring imagination, which is more accepted in the Indonesian culture, to the western culture in a rather mundane activity.

Translate the (cultural) values of a poem in a re-design. This was the goal of this module. With the poem ‘Light bulb’ we designed Teh Lampu, an enhanced tea experience for in the western world using qualities from the asian culture. For this translation we used the methodology introduced by P. Marti (2015). In which we translated the poem and iterated on its qualities and design potential several times.

Through this process I came in touch with the poetic design methodology. This method and connecting theories still play an important role in my design processes today.

Prototypes and communication channels are not merely a channel to communicate the function of the design. Also the intangible values and experiences of the design have to be explained. For this reason I value using video as a main communication tool.


Module - Poetry In Design


Gijs de Boer, Tove Elfferich, Fabienne van Leiden & John Vlaming


2015 | 1 week | M1.1.

Mentioned in

Marti, P., van der Howen, E.B. (2016, April). Poetry as a cross-cultural analysis and sensitizing tool in design