The Beauty of Stress

Decorative Information about Average Stress Levels

How to deal with stress within a company? In this project we tried to tackle the issue of stress, in which we focussed specifically on the working environment. Key to this project was that everyone deals with stress differently.

The Beauty of Stress visualizes the stress levels of a group of coworkers by means of ink droplets. Both high and low stress levels lead to a beautiful design. With this we hoped to create an awareness about the stress levels and break the taboo to discuss stress. This project also provides a new way to communicate complex data, namely as informative decoration with ink.

This was my first project, in which I already explored the importance of creating open designs that inspire and allow for reflection. In this way people can select their own method of dealing with stress instead of providing one solution that not fits everybody.


Jasper Schenk & Fabienne van Leiden




2011-2012 | 5 months | B1.1.

Mentioned in

Snelders, D., Van de Garde-Perik, E., & Secomandi, F. (2014, June). Design strategies for human relations in services.

Stressed Out - Mike Thompson Ed

CRISP#1 Magazine