Beautiful Memories are Created Together

“Vergeet-me-nietje” is a package that serves families, mostly focussing on mother and child. The package contains everything they need to make a flower of wool together. The toolkit comes with the necessary instructions but also invites for personal creativity. With this design, I hoped to bring back the old wool crafts back into the family environment and give the parent the opportunity to pass her wool crafts to her child.

A deeper layer of the concept can be found in the beautiful moment mother and child have making the flower. When finished the child is instructed to spray some of perfume of the mother onto it. Wool preserves this scent very long and since scents trigger memories the flower can serve as a memory and relaxing tool.

In this process I continuously designed for emotional and experiential qualities of wool, instead of only focussing on the functional qualities.

Agency, self-expression and self-interpretation were very important in this process. This resulted into a toolkit, where mother and child can create their own flower.


Design Project


Individual Project


2012 - 2013 | 5 months | B2.1.