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I am Fabienne,

Recently graduated Master of Science Industrial Design from the Eindhoven University of Technology. I have a passion for inspiring people and this is what I strive for in my designs as well.

I believe that we, as designers, have to tackle the complex issues we face in today’s society in a more personal way.

Therefore I want to inspire people with my designs, to empower people to find personal solutions themselves. In my processes I combine my eagerness to learn with a human centered and iterative design process. I aim to design poetic experiences which engage and inspire people to take on action.

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on Design and Society

In today’s society we are facing challenges, which are becoming more and more complex. Due to technological innovation and globalisation, challenges are becoming highly interconnected and social structures are shifting. As a result 
the modern design challenges are open to multiple interpretations and can not be easily reduced or formulated.

These complex challenges need a different design approach. In which the transformative qualities of design should be considered and designed for. Moreover the desire of people to make impact in society should be considered, by creating designs that allow for this human flourishing.

I aim to create inspiring experiences with my designs, that function as a trigger to reflect or take on action. In this way I hope people become more engaged with the challenges ahead and are inspired to create his or her personal solutions.

In an iterative design process I combine design research with human centered design, in which experiences and intangible values are central. With a more holistic view, I extract design opportunities and experiences to create the intended effect. From this experience onwards I will iterate on poetic designs that embody this experience.

For this poetic approach it is the most important to me that designs are open and leave room for self-interpretation and self-expression. Since this allows room for personalisation and creates sense of agency. Furthermore I believe the strength of poetic design is its ability to connect people to very complex situations in a very subtle way. As poetry does; revealing the deeper layers of complexity in a subtle and non-compelling way. Making the complex challenges of today more accessible.

My designs mainly serve as an inspiration for people to help them find a solution themselves. By engaging and motivating people, with poetic and inspiring design, I strongly believe that I can create the personal and transformative designs that we need in today’s society and in the future.

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"It was a pleasure to have Fabienne work on a project for Scottish Ballet. Fabienne was very professional throughout and had a high level of enthusiasm and creativity. Her communication and organisation skills were excellent as was her capacity to adapt to an ever changing environment. I wish her every success for her future career."

- Charlotte Gross, Director of Marketing

"Fabienne tunes in to opportunities where she design for special moments and experiences, from A-Z. And when the project gives her lemons, you can always be confident that she will turn them into the best tasting lemonade!"

- Assessment Panel Master Graduation

"Fabienne exceeds all expectations. The process she follows is thorough and she sticks to it. The outcome – the concepts – are not only creatively interesting but also pragmatic and to the point. What can I advice someone who is so independent, skilled and talented? Who really adds value to the team and the project? Well, for someone like her there is only one advice possible: keep challenging yourself."

- Robin Kemme, Creative Director

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I am currently employed as innovation strategist at BZTRS agency. A retail consultancy agency located in Eindhoven.

Do you want to discuss poetic design, service design or inspiration in general? Please contact me through any of the following channels or leave a comment on one of the blogpost. I will try to contact you as soon as possible.

Tel. +31653235884
E-mail: info@fabiennevanleiden.nl

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